Our association was created on the 10th of September in 2004 by Thérèse Tevaatua. Christophe Chetaneau the vice-chairman, Raina Homai-Lesort the treasurer, Marie-Lou Meriel the secretary et Noella Mar-Tuairau the assistant secretary are working with her.

On this picture from left to right:

Noella Mar-Tuairau,
Thérèse Tevaatua,
Marie-Lou Meriel,
and Raina Homai-Lesort.

Thérèse Tevaatua

Why did you create this association?

Thérèse: I went throuh very difficult moments when I first came to Nantes, a few years ago for health reaons. Then, other Polynesians came in the area for the same reasons, so I wanted to help them, to guide them, and accompany them during their stay in France.

What has been the evolution of the association since it has been created?

Thérèse: Heirautini has developed a lot and has today more than a hundred members thanks to the word of mouth. At the beginning, there was no dancing lessons and we were only two. But each year, there is new members, new pupils who join us to discover the Polynesian culture and the pleasure to dance.

What are the different activities of your association?

Thérèse: Heirautini is a convivial place where people can share their love for the Polynesian culture. We offer ukulele and tahitian dancing lessons, organize shows for cultural and voluntary events, and arts exhibitions. We also welcom and help sick Polynesians and Polynesian students who come to Nantes, if they need us.

Heirautini means "different sacred flowers wreaths" in tahitian. Indeed, many members of the association come from the five archipelagos of the French Polynesia.

carte de la polynesie française    drapeau de polynésie française

The French Polynesia has five archipelagos, Society Islands which includes Windward Islands and Leeward Islands, Tuamotu-Gambier Islands, Austral Islands and Marquesas Islands.